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About BoyLinks

In August 1996, BoyLinks was established, the most comprehensive list of boy-related links ever compiled. BoyLinks was so complete and so well-maintained that many regular webmasters dropped their link pages and instead put in a single all-purpose link to BoyLinks. Older sites such as Free Spirits, Steffen's "European Boylover's Homepage" and Deepend's "Boys..." fell into disuse and were eclipsed by BoyLinks and a concomitant new rash of linked boylover support sites.

More and more regulars of Boychat set up boylove websites, which were cataloged on Boylinks. With the community growing bigger, BoyLinks and BoyChat faced and overcame its biggest challenge yet: online vigilanteism. An organization called CPAC, Child Protection and Advocacy Coalition, flooded Geocities, Tripod and other providers hosting Boylove websites. Effect was total. Many private Boylove websites disappeared and BoyLinks had to move to a new provider more than once.

Since 1999, BoyLinks has been available on its own domain, which was bought due to the website's growing importance. And since 2001, Boylinks has been hosted by Free Spirits, a group of people from around the world that run BoyLinks and a family of discussion boards in various languages.

While in the beginning links were maintained by two Boychat posters, they are now maintained by a submissions team. The team is responsible for adding new links to BoyLinks, checking existing links for legality and deleting invalid links. Over the years, several boylovers have helped with boylinks. The current submission team can be reached through the contact form.

As previously mentioned, Free Spirits has been the host for BoyLinks for many years. Free Spirits is dedicated to promoting open communication among boylovers, the most underserved and misunderstood sexual minority remaining in today's human society. Free Spirits sponsors various means through which the international boylove movement can hold ongoing discussions, provide mutual support, and educate the rest of society about this diverse and responsible community.

See the discussion-boards page for the different boards Free Spirits provides to the BoyLove community.

Parts of this text are taken from the History of Boychat page by Alexis.

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